4. Jonathan Hyde

Jonathan is a photographer/filmmaker based in Brighton.

The mediums I use sway between analogue film, a realm where I feel particularly comfortable, and the ease and affordability of digital technologies and filmmaking.  Rarely planning a shoot in much detail, I prefer to let the experience of the day inform the end result – often producing a document that becomes more valuable than the initial concept. The majority of my projects have taken an entirely new direction to what I had thought, the tangent and new discoveries being a factor I quite relish. Ultimately I aim to produce vivid stills and moving images that are usually evoked within cinema and song-writing, seeing no reason why all these items cannot be combined.

The trip: The vastness of the North Sea, coupled with the unpredictability of whale-watching is what motivated me to join the Pangaea trip from Iceland to Sweden. I really had no idea what to expect and simply planned to document the journey with the tools at my disposal, the editing process once back on land was what the project hinged around.

image The usual way of approaching a project and producing work ‘in the field’ was thrown out of the porthole during this expedition. Sea sickness, endless hours of staring at the horizon and experiments with underwater photography have produced a series of images that are far removed from how I’d imagined this project would develop.

Instead I have chosen to show the humour and joy of travelling by sea, the great mysterious whales probably underneath our vessel most days but deciding to rarely, if ever, show themselves. The fact I saw more plastic floating in the North Sea than marine life gliding through was incredibly telling. I’m sure this will inform my future work on the subject.

The whale road


what lies beneath


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