2. Helen Cann

I have worked for over 10 years as an illustrator with over 30 books published, have exhibited around the world and won several awards.  My fine art practice is just emerging and I am starting to exhibit in several galleries. Although differing from my illustration style, I am still focused on text, drawing and painting. Currently I am particularly interested in language and maps – how we use stories and dialect and not just simple geography to locate ourselves.

As part of the journey from Iceland to Sweden, the scientists on board were mapping whales and dolphins on to a worldwide database (OBIS). I made my own map  from collected data from conversations I had with the scientists, with hunters, museum curators and tourist guides about how people live now and have always lived with whales in the North.

Further work can be seen at www.helencannfineart.co.uk

Helen Cann steeringJourneys are made of stories and every traveller describes the places he has been using stories. This journey begins in the yoghurt aisle of a supermarket in Reykjavik, crosses 1300 miles of the North Atlantic swimming with stories of sea monsters, mermaids, pirates, ghost ships, smugglers and rum to end in a cocktail bar built into the jaws of an ancient preserved blue whale in Gothenberg. Part maritime chart, part logbook, my work became an illustrated artist’s map with a story.

We dream of Blue Whales-Foroyer2
element of I dream of Blue Whales 2element of I dream of Blue Whales


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